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2008 Achitectural Science Review - Practical Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies for the Existing Building Stock
2009 iNTA-SEGA abstract - Reducing Greenhouse Gases in Topical Cities
2010 SOLAR paper - Practical House Zero Carbon Refurbishment - pls cite as shown
2010 SOLAR Presentation
2011 ICEM abstract - Reducing Housing Energy for 2050 with Peak Oil & Climate Change
2011 ICEM Presentation
2012 Eco-Social Villages - Sustainable & Resilient Low Carbon Development. Presentation
2012 Toronto SNG Presentation - Ultra-low Carbon Housing & Sustainable Living
Building Ecology Consultants and Researchers
My Downloads
EnviroSustain presents its sustainability research for download, and copyright remains with the authors, as referenced, or as cited.

Permissions may be granted for some of the material to be licensed under Creative Commons if contacted.
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